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Ashish Rasila

मेरा शायराना सफर

Ashish Rasila

As bloger and as a Poet…

Let’s start with one question, what is the most precious and different thing a man or woman can have, which has to be different from other living entities as well? So we all have a different answer for the same question? Why is it so? Why some of us believe, it has to be Education, some of us would say, it has to be Money and some of us say something different from aforementioned. Because “many minds lead to many ideas.” So what are these ideas? It may know as our thoughts or it may be known as something else in the form of thoughts. So, I believe, when you write your thought about something in rhythms. It gives birth to poetry. For me, our thoughts are very precious. They can change you and if they can you it mean they can change the world as well. Your thoughts can be in any form. It doesn’t matter at all. The only thing matter to us all is that you have a wonderful personal opinion about something and most of the people around the world love your thoughts or I can say in different language poetry. It is not about the way how you write or what you write. It all about you write and write.Never caring about the world. Writing poetry was not an easy task for me. I remember, When I was in school, I used to look at my Hindi teacher. When he read poetry in the class. I had always imagined myself to be a poet. There is always one question inside my mind. How can someone write something like that, how can someone say lots of things in one single line? It was a miracle for me to think such deep things simply. So I started reading the poetry of famous poet, like Amir Khusrow, Dushyant Kumar, Harivansh Ray Bacchan, Kali das, etc and later on, I started reading Shayari of Bashir Badr Saheb one of my fevorie, Munnavar Rana saheb, Rahat indoor saheb, the great Mirza Ghalib saheb. Mirza Saheb was quite hard to read, however, read him. And almost I have read all of them notwithstanding, I am continuously reading them now as well. So, one day I wrote two lines after reading lots of poet. and then slowly slowly I started writing more. At that time I was in college. Specifically, there was no breakup, there was no girl, there was nothing behind the cause of writing. However, I started writing, and the reason behind this, because I always wanted to write lots of things in just a single line. And then here we go! In the first few months, I was writing in a notebook and my audience was most of the time my friends and family. More specifically. he was my brother Nitish Rasila and still he is the one of my best audiences. He was studying with me in a different college at that time. After few months in college. I met one of my best friends, his name is “Anuj Jitwanta” and he advised me to write a blog over the internet for poetry. Also, he informed me, nowadays blogs are the digital dairy, and everyone likes to read online. But, I wasn’t aware of how to make blogs at all. However, I started watching lots of tutorials on youtube and Finally I come up with one blog “Mera Shayarna Safer”. I started writing online. I made my blog with the name “Mera Shayarna Safer” मेरा शायराना सफर in 2018 and I am still writing.

What I do ?
  • I am a still student and I always will be a student
  • Part time blogger