Dear Fond !

Dear Fond…..!
It was not your beauty, which makes me to fallen love with you. I  have seen many women before you. I never felt the same way I felt about you. Trust me, I don’t have reason to be in love with you. It just, I feel like, I am the luckiest person in the world when you are around me. When I look at you, I just smile, without knowing, why I am smiling.  I can listen to your all-funny floccinaucinihilipilification and sometimes too deep talk my entire life. And the reason behind that, I don’t know. When  I said, I don’t know, it does not mean, I don’t know anything about you. Yes. I know, everything about you but I just want to say that, don’t be afraid. If they don’t accept your dark then they are not worthy of your light.
***Ashish Rasila***

Ashish Rasila

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